AWT Energy Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India.

“Luck occurs when preparation meets opportunity”. Mrs. Mayukha Selvaraj, a freelancer then, was all set to step foot into this digital world. That’s when she encountered an opportunity to work with Dr. Karuna Moorthy, Founder & Managing Director of AWT Energy Pvt Ltd., Being a pioneer in power supply he was a person who encouraged and inspired young talents.

Maylancer Techios was fortunate enough to start its functioning with AWT as its first client in the year 2014. Revamping the existing website and server maintenance was the first mission of the company. Since then, we have had a mutually beneficial relationship. We take pride in stating we have been working for AWT since our inception. The company is indeed glad and indebted to Dr. Karunamoorthy for the conviction bestowed on us. We look forward for a long-lasting rapport with AWT.

We focus on customer satisfaction and we pledge to stay rooted to our tenet and we are always ready to walk an extra mile to bring a smile.

We Walk An Extra Mile To Bring A Smile.

Maylancer Techios

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