Cloud Computing

What does cloud actually mean?

cloud, SAAS, PAAS

Deem yourself to be working on a important document when you are called out by your mate. A power fluctuation leaves your system smoked off! You are lucky enough to be left unhurt but wait, what about your document?

That’s where cloud comes in. Had you been working on cloud? Then there is nothing to worry about that document. Most of us mix the cloud with internet but that’s not the case. In cloud we store our data in the servers of cloud service providers and we access it through internet. So the data is not concealed to our local hardware and hence we can access it from anywhere across the globe if we can get connected with those servers. Here the speed of processing is depended on factors like the internet speed, capacity of server etc.

SaaS, PaaS and IaaS are the three types of cloud computing.

SaaS abbreviation of Software as a Service refers to the software used over by cloud. Email, games comes under this.

PaaS the shortened form of Platform as a Service is the provider for databases, web servers and deployment tools where you can have your software customized.

IaaS, infrastructure as a Service make the servers, storages, networks come under it. Here we can run an organisation on cloud without actually having it here physically.

The listing of some cloud service providers can be found below

  1. 1. Amazon web services
  2. 2. Microsoft Azure
  3. 3.Google cloud platform
  4. 4.IBM cloud services
  5. 5. Adobe creative cloud
  6. 6. Kametera
  7. 7. VMware
  8. 8. Red Hat
  9. 9.Rackspace
  10. 10. Oracle Cloud

The future is in clouds! Clouds are economical, available all time, available from everywhere and have much better security of no data loss compared with a local storage.

The hindrance of cloud includes cyberattacks and network connectivity.

The economical Cloud computing will grow in future without doubts with the improvement of networks, security, better cloud services and the last but the powerful one, coupling it with IoT.

Austin for Maylancer Techios

May 24, 2020

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